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Exclusive Distributors in the UK, Europe and Middle East of GPM Superior Quality Hydraulic Pumps, Motors and Flow Dividers
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A Short Profile

We are a British company specialising in the distribution of the GPM range of hydraulic gear pumps, motors and flow dividers to the UK, Europe and Middle East.

GPM Castings, shafts, gears, bearings and bushes are imported and assembled in our factory. Porting is done in-house to exact customer specifications.

Our expertise and extensive stock of components and final assemblies allows us to offer a fast and efficient turn-around of new and remanufactured units at short notice, keeping customer downtime to a minimum.


Our Product Focus

  • Hydraulic Bearing Gear Pumps
  • Hydraulic Bushing Gear Pumps
  • Bearing and Bushing Flow Dividers
  • Bearing and Bushing Hydraulic Motors
  • Replacement Parts / Components
  • Add-a-Pump
  • Piggy-back Pumps

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GPM Bearing Gear Pump

Speeds up to: 2400 RPM
Pressure up to 205 BAR
Displacements between 16 cc/rev to 200 cc/rev

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GPM Bushing Gear Pump

Speeds up to: 3000 RPM
Pressure up to 240 BAR
Displacements between 10 cc/rev to 147 cc/rev

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GPM Bushing Gear Pump

Flow Dividers built to customer specifications
Assembled and tested by experts in our factory
Delivered to any international destination

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GPM Gear Pump Components

Internationally interchangeable components
— For a full range of gear pumps
— For assembling Flow Dividers

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We supply pump and motor replacement components which conform to international specifications and are interchangeable with:
Parker, Commercial, Permco brands
Our GPM products can be used to replace Metaris, Hydreco, Cessna, Webster, Cassapa, Ultra, and David Brown products.


Based in the United Kingdom, we directly service a wide range of businesses and industries across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.   We are the exclusive distributors for Gear Pump Manufacturing (GPM) products in these regions.   We can deliver within 24 hours to anywhere in this region.

GPD territory of Europe and Middle East

GPD is a member of the Hudaco Group