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Our Gear Pumps Products

  • Hydraulic Gear Pumps & Motors
  • Hydraulic Cast Iron Gear Pumps & Motors
  • Hydraulic Cast Iron Flow Dividers
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Aluminium Gear Pumps
  • Parts & Testing
  • Bearing & Bushing Range
    • Series 110 / 112
    • Series 120
    • Series 125
    • Series 131
    • Series 151
    • Series 176
    • Series 215
    • Series 230
    • Series 250
    • Series 265
    • Porting
    • PTO Truck Pumps
    • Dump Pumps

We are also able to offer to our customers, service exchange units to allow a quick turn around for breakdowns on most popular units. Now as manufactures in our own right we can offer an even improved service and as O.E.M'S a better Price. We are also able to identify certain cast iron and aluminium gear pumps for example:Parker Hamworthy, David Brown, Uchida, Ultra (Dowty), Cassapa, Salami and Tyrone to name but a few for replacement with our products.

For Example

  • Ref: P25 Replacement GPD125
  • Ref: P31 Replacement GPD131
  • Ref: P51 Replacement GPD151
  • Ref: P76 Replacement GPD176
  • Ref: P315 Replacement GPD215
  • Ref: P330 Replacement GPD230
  • Ref; P350 Replacement GPD250
  • Ref: P365 Replacement GPD265

Also motors and flow dividers in all the above series

All products listed herein is product manufactured and/or supplied by Gear Pump Distributors (UK) Limited a South African manufacturer and supplier of replacement parts and components

"Commercial Intertech" is a registered trademark or copyright of the Parker Hannifin Corporation ("Parker") any reference to this entity, its trademark, copyright product or reference number is for product comparison and reference purposes only and as such any referral thereto should only be construed as implying in any way that Parker product is manufactured or supplied by GPM / GPD (UK) is in any way associated with Parker


We have adopted the policy "If we don't have it, we can't sell it" and therefore carry a large inventory at the plant in Cape Town as well as at various distribution centers worldwide in order to get the product closer to the client.

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